Been a while as usual

Sorry for the long times between posting, we have moved to our new location. So I was pretty busy.  Business is starting to pickup old customer's seeing the new place, and upgrading thier rings, also people starting to filter in thinking about ring to make for shristmas presents. I would say the hardest ring I have worked on over the last month was this one.Too bad we didnt actualy sell it. That would have been an awsome ring.


V-Ray 1.5 full version

Just upgraded the rendering software in Matrix 7 to the full version. I also made time to setup a render farm out of the best workstations in the office. After some tweaking and working around a few bugs I can get the new pictures done in 3-6 minutes each. The time and quality is impressive. I would highly recomend this software to anyone who has the time to sit for a couple of days playing with renders to get things running. The software is made by Chaos Group.


SolidScape issues

As anyone in the business knows the solidscape printers can be finiky. Well a few days ago I found out a problem that can only be described as confusing as hell. My models were printing, but mostly a hollow shell, so it seemed the build jet wasn't getting enough material. After lots of trouble shooting I found out the air line system that presurizes and de-presurizes the build material tank had gotten clogged. Looks like a bunch of white crystals. Aparently over time the more volitile componets of the build material evaporate into the lines and crystalize out, kind of like water frost but wax. I had to take all the silicon air hoses out and blow air though them, afterwards the printer worked fine.


New system up and running

It took a while to work the bugs out, and of course one DOA motherboard. But after a couple of weeks of burning the system is finished. Now to start loading it up and making it pay for itself.


Busy Busy

Starting a new company is allways a busy time, 25 things that each take an hour to do, but they all must be done everyday.


Building a new computer this week to deal with the added workload. can you say sandybridge-E?

good I knew you could. Now can you say Dual GTX 680's?

I expect this computer to keep up with the workload for quiet a while. I'll post the process of building the system for anyone who is interested.